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Ultimamente hemos sufrido ataques DDOS casi diarios asique hemos tomado la decision de cambiar el hosting de nuestro servidor a uno que tiene un sistema anti DDOS muchisimo mas potente. Para hacer el cambio hemos tenido que clonar el servidor de team speak así no perderas ni tus salas ni tu nivel, si usabas la antigua IP tendras que cambiarla a el dominio Si ya te conectabas con el dominio no tendras que hacer nada.

Actulización servidor TeamSpeak a 3.12.1

## Server Release 3.12.0 18 March 2020

### Important
- New feature WebQuery that allows user to access to query system using http(s) and json.

### Added
- New query commands `apikeyadd`, `apikeydel` and `apikeylist`
for managing API keys used in WebQuery
- New permissions `b_virtualserver_apikey_add` and `b_virtualserver_apikey_manage` that restrict who can create/delete/list API keys.
- New possible value for parameter `query_protocols` named `http` and `https` that enables WebQuery
- New parameters `query_http_ip` and `query_http_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10080`
- New parameters `query_https_ip` and `query_https_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10443`

### Changed
- macOS 10.14 Mojave is required from now on
- Raised version of snapshots and added support for API keys

### Fixed
- Whisper bug that resulted in users not being able to receive whispers
- Removed requirement of having a cpu with POPCNT for 32bit version, and added an appropriate error message for the 64bit version
- Deploying snapshots will import client and channel permissions, again

Codigos Beta Team Speak 5

Nuestro servidor ya esta listo para la llegada del nuevo cliente de TeamSpeak. Wait And Suffer TeamSpeak 5

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